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Camelot on Golden Sun 3 Status

by Steven Rodriguez - June 2, 2003, 9:21 pm PDT
Source: Camelot

Looking for another game in the Golden Sun series? If you are, Camelot has something to tell you.

Camelot recently updated its Japanese website with some news about what it's been working on lately. It seems that many people have been asking the developer when the next game in the Golden Sun line might be coming out.

It turns out that they are hard at work with both Mario Golf and Mario Tennis, at the same time. With Camelot's small development team (about 30 people), it's hard for them to work on multiple projects at once, so any Golden Sun game that may or may not be in the works will need to wait. Camelot says to refer back to Nintendo's official Japanese site for any new news regarding the next Golden Sun.

Note that this is not a solid confirmation of a new Golden Sun game. However, if a new game is announced, we'll be sure to be the first to let you all know about it. Stay tuned.

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