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ATI and Nintendo Further Their Partnership

by Justin Nation - March 4, 2003, 6:20 am EST
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After their successful technological collaboration on the GameCube, ATI and Nintendo reaffirm their partnership moving forward.

MARKHAM, Ontario--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 4, 2003 -- ATI Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:ATYT)(TSX:ATY.TO), a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative 3D graphics and digital media silicon solutions, announced today that it has entered into a technology development agreement with Nintendo Co., Ltd. Under the agreement, ATI and Nintendo are developing technologies for use in Nintendo products. No other details regarding the nature of this agreement are being made available at this time.

"ATI has had an excellent relationship with Nintendo for many years," said David Orton, President and Chief Operating Officer, ATI Technologies Inc. "We are pleased to enter into this major technology development agreement with Nintendo."


While it may be easy to assume that this announcement begins and ends as news concerning Nintendo's next major console who is to say they couldn't be working together on GBA's successor? Hopefully we can get more specific information soon.

The only other odd comment on this is that in the PC market you have ATI vs. nVidia which maps to Nintendo's partner vs. Microsoft's partner. Not to say Sony won't be a great success moving forward but with ATI and nVidia so rabidly competing with each other you'd think Sony could miss out without backing from another company who has interests beyond just an impressive console showing.

baerwbMarch 04, 2003

I hope at the very least that Nintendo uses ATI to make the "GameSphere" backwards compatiable with the GameCube. Obviously they need ATI's permission to do that, and even if Nintendo don't ATI for anymore than that than I'm a happy camper.

Grey NinjaMarch 04, 2003

Well, this news makes this Ninja a happy one. face-icon-small-smile.gif ArtX did a fantastic job on the GameCube, and I am looking forward to more work like it in the future.

BlkPaladinMarch 04, 2003

Though it is quiet possible for it to be both. Rumors are that the true sucessor to the Gameboy line won't be backward compatible because of them employing some disc drive, which would make the unit slightly more balky and give you enough room for a seprate graphics chip. Who knows maybe they will disign the chip much like the GBA to also include centrual processing functions, or sound functions.

Another thing is that it is state in the plural which leads to the asumpsion that it will be both. (Or its a long term agreement spaning multiple consoles.)

Fammy2000March 04, 2003

Funny how ATI has turned things around since they purchased ArtX and got into the video game graphic board market. It's also funny to see how NVidia is quickly becoming the new 3Dfx (heck, they even bought them).

We all should take the time to enjoy business for what it really is. Funny.

manunited4eva22March 04, 2003

By that reasoning are you saying Nvidia will be bought out by ATI?

Fammy2000March 04, 2003

Only if they lose out on a bid to be the graphic set for a Sega console.

steveMarch 04, 2003

hopefully ati is working on the successor for both the gba and the gcn

HappyMaskSalesmanMarch 04, 2003

*Gives a little woo-hoo.
Hooray for ATI. I personally like all their products, since they're not only easier to afford, but they don't shirk away from quality. Good stuff. I say, if they pull off a stunt just as impressive as the Gamecube, then by all means bring on "GC2"! Hopefully. Of course, instead of making the GC successor, Nintendo might be making a "GC upgrade" of sorts, somewhat like the DD64. Pretty unlikely, but it might happen

DjunknownMarch 04, 2003

"in the PC market you have ATI vs. nVidia which maps to Nintendo's partner vs. Microsoft's partner."

Looks almost like a tag team matchface-icon-small-smile.gif

So far the news have scratched the surface what fellow competitor Sony is doing; some sort of Cell Chip technology so powerful, that it is the equivalent of 10 PS2's. I'll believe that when I see it. (E3 perhaps?)

" hope at the very least that Nintendo uses ATI to make the "GameSphere" backwards compatiable with the GameCube."

Word. Microsoft and Nintendo could take a page out of Sony's Playbook and make their next consoles have the ability to play the games we have now. Less hardware to lug around.

But as always (even though its cliche) if it don't make dollars it don't make cents....(pun intended)

MikeHruseckyMike Hrusecky, Staff AlumnusMarch 04, 2003

I'd think that this would be for the console end. ATI has limited experiece (and commercial offerings) in very low power solutions. But they're probably leaving their options open. face-icon-small-smile.gif Could a press release be more vague?

Perfect CellMarch 04, 2003

From what i understand, ATI Will also make the Xbox next processor, doesnt this worry anybody? They could give the Xbox next a better processor and the new Gamecube a lesser one! NVidea has said they wont work with Xbox again

baerwbMarch 04, 2003

NVidia and Microsoft recently settled their differences.

Perfect CellMarch 04, 2003

According to www.gamers.com they arent working with the new xbox .

ArtVandelayMarch 04, 2003

I am not very knowledgeable in the video card department, but in my oppinion I like the ATI made cards more so than nVidea. Even with nVidea's DX (I think) coming out, I'm pretty sure I read ATI was also releasing a card to challenge it. Anyway, I'd just like to say that if ATI is working with Nintendo on their next generation console then I am quite pleasedface-icon-small-smile.gif

Perfect CellMarch 04, 2003


On the subject of future game consoles, Huang hinted that Nvidia might not be involved with Microsoft's successor to the Xbox, due to the considerable engineering difficulties that the company would encounter

Added to the fact that ATI is rumored to be talking with M$ means ATI might make Chips for both Xbox 2 and GCN 2, while certainly interesting. (The posibility of equal consoles would mean Nintendo would have an advantage in the Games department) Its also troubling.

GamefreakMarch 05, 2003

Perfect Cell - first, look at the date of your quote. If you kept up with news you would know that Nvidia recently settled with MS. Also, let me warn you, gamers.com is not a very reliable source (compared to Gamespot, IGN, or here), and also, apart from the super big announcements, they often get some things wrong, speculate, or neglect updating smaller news items. Anyway, ATI is not working on the next Xbox graphics chip, trust us. Go look up the news...

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