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Famitsu’s Golden Giant!

by Tonkatsu Chikara - March 8, 2002, 5:48 am PST
Source: Weekly Famitsu

Weekly Famitsu has awarded Doshin the Giant a Gold rating! Now you really want it, right?

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The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu features a review of the upcoming Kyojin no Doshin (a.k.a. Doshin the Giant), soon to be the latest addition to the GameCube library. Each of the four panel reviewers awarded it an eight for a total score of 32, which lands it solid Gold rating.

Cited among its strong points were its innovative gameplay and the free nature of its playability. One reviewer noted that although the premise of the game is simple, there are many different ways to play and enjoy Kyojin no Doshin.

Simply stated, the goal of the game is to help the villagers live and thrive in order to gain their affection and earn various monuments. However, the tasks that you chose to assist them with and when and how you do so is almost entirely up to the player, providing large opportunities for variation and replayability.

Another reviewer praised Kyojin no Doshin saying that although he discovered different shortcuts and ways in which to reach the goal faster, he found himself enjoying the game too much and didn’t want to rush, instead opting to just mess around with his island further.

Kyojin no Doshin goes on sale next Thursday, March 14.

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