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Grand Theft Auto III for GameCube?!?

by Max Lake - January 10, 2002, 6:17 pm EST
Source: Game Informer Magazine

The news so many of us have been waiting for seems to be finally materializing.

PGC’s mailboxes have been overflowing with emails all asking the same question, almost daily. What could be the burning question on the minds of gamers everwhere?


It’s understandable that people are wigging out. DMA Design’s third GTA is by far the craziest, and certainly one of the most outrageous games released to date. It's not just about gobs of mature content: GTAIII offers an almost unprecedented amount of freedom for a game. You can literally do just about anything—whether you’ll get away with it or live to tell about it is another matter entirely. Cube owners without PS2s rightfully have a reason to be jealous. But maybe not anymore...

The latest issue of Game Informer magazine includes a very exciting tidbit that makes it look like Cube owners will soon be able to go on the crime spree for themselves:

“Rockstar's amazing success with Grand Theft Auto III is going to the company's head. Ideas are already being dreamt up an even worked on for Grand Theft Auto IV as we speak. In the meantime, all you Gamecube owners can rest easy, as Rockstar is working on GTA III for you guys which should be out before this fall.”

PGC has been unable to independently confirm this, though it seems very, very likely. GTAIII has been enormously successful for Rockstar/Take Two and versions of the popular game are heading to GBA and X-Box. A GameCube version makes perfect sense—and this news seemingly confirms that Nintendo is willing to let such a mature title grace the GameCube.

Thanks to Clay Larsen for the tip!

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