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Shiggy Talks to CNBC

by Billy Berghammer - December 31, 2001, 11:07 am PST
Source: Tendo Box

In a quick interview with CNBC, Shigeru says a few words about first/second party titles, the GBA-GC connection, and more!

Reporter: What are your plans for the GBA and GC connection?

Miyamoto: Our plan is to use it in a unique way. In the past, players had to look at the same screen, which give the best players the advantage. Now there is none of that with the GBA and GC connection. This allows a type of strategy and gameplay that no one has seen before. We at Nintendo and hopefully everybody else can take advantage of this.

Reporter: Sounds expensive.

Miyamoto: Not really. Gamers are not actually starting at zero. Most people that have a GC have the GBA anyway and most GBA player are thinking about the GC. We are just taking advantage of this.

Reporter: There is some worry because with the N64 there were many games coming at first and then it slowed down to a trickle. Will that be the case with the GameCube?

Miyamoto: There was a problem but that will not happen with the GC. We started development on GC games a while back and we hope to have 20-30 first and second party games out by next Christmas.

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