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Giles Goddard the Giant Killer?

by Max Lake - October 20, 2001, 12:20 pm EDT
Source: Nintendo Cloudchaser

New information concerning Giles Goddard and his work on the Doshin to Giant remake just fell down the beanstalk.

We have even more updated information on Giles Goddard. Earlier this month, it was confirmed that he had returned to EAD and begun work on the Doshin the Giant remake for GameCube.

Cloudchaser have learned that Goddard isn’t just lead programmer and designer of Doshin. Apparently he’s tackling it all single-handedly making the game all by himself. Somewhat hard to believe but if true is an overwhelming testament to the ease of GameCube development.

The Doshin game will be much more than regurgitation of the 64DD games, with Giles working hard to update the graphics, increase the game speed and flesh out the game as much as possible. Doshin the Giant will appear in Japan in March 2002 and no date has been set for the game in North America.

UPDATE: Thanks to reader “JamMak” we have another source for the info, which clarifies things a bit. Although Giles Goddard is currently working on the title single-handedly, Doshin creators Marigul have provided some visual bare bones for him to work off of. Here’s the actual article excerpt JamMak kindly transcribed for us.

NGC Magazine [UK] (Formerly N64 Magazine) - Issue 61 - December 2001

Page 25 - Doshin The Giant: All You Need To Know

"When to we spoke to Giles Goddard for our Making of Super Mario 64 feature, he revealed to us that it's he who's coding Doshin the Giant. Japanese coders Marigual have handed over some visuals - now he's building a game around them all on his own!"

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