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Eternal Darkness Delay Explained

by Jonathan Metts - September 4, 2001, 2:25 pm PDT
Source: Silicon Knights

Denis Dyack finally explains why Eternal Darkness was silently moved into December.

Back in July, we began seeing Eternal Darkness listed for release in December unstead of at the GameCube launch, which was then November 5th for North America. A quick look at Nintendo's official site verified the one-month delay, but we were unable to get an explanation from either Nintendo or Silicon Knights. Now SK president Denis Dyack has come forward to clear things up about the December date:

"Well the game was delayed to make it the best it could be. We needed a bit more time. It is coming very well but it is a huge title. Bigger by far then anything else we have worked on in our history. Sorry we hope you are not disappointed but we strongly feel the extra time will be worth it. We have been pushing our human limits to work as fast we can. This is why I did not come to Space World this year. There is just so much to do."

Of course, the delay to December means less now that GameCube itself has also been pushed back, but it's still nice to have this mystery cleared up.

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