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Pre-Order your X-Box NOW!

by Rick Powers - August 28, 2001, 8:11 am PDT
Source: GameStop

If's you've got an extra $600 floating around, and need something to tide you over until GameCube ...

GameStop has opened X-Box pre-orders, and it ain't pretty. The Bronze Bundle will cost you a measly $599.91 (not including shipping!). What does that get you? An extra controller (making two), Halo, Oddworld, DOA 3, the DVD remote, and a memory card. Oddly enough, adding up the cost of all the components in the bundle ... there appears to be about $50 unaccounted for. $299.99 for the console, $49.99 for each of the three games, $29.99 for the remote, $39.99 for the extra controller, and $34.99 for the memory "unit". That's $554.93.

Oh, and an extended warranty. Yes, you are forced to BUY the extended warranty, at a cost of about $45.


In case your friends call you "MoneyBags", you can get one of the other bundles. Silver and Gold are $700 and $800 respectively. Platinum is a cool grand, and the Ultimate bundle? That one will cost you $1200! All of these upgraded bundles only give you more games, except the Ultimate, which also includes a Racing Wheel and a link cable.

Bundles are going quick! Order Now!

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