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MIB ride Scooters!!!

by Michael Cole - June 15, 2001, 6:19 pm PDT
Source: Game Spot

Or maybe not. Crave has released info on 2 GBA games.

Crave Entertainment has disclosed information about 2 GBA games that will be finished in the third Quarter of 2001. Men In Black: the Series will make a return on the new handheld, hopefully with some fresh gameplay, while Crave will attempt to one-up Tony Hawk with Razor Freestyle Scooter.

"The Game Boy Advance is a tremendous step forward for handhelds and we are working to maximize that experience through our games," said Holly Newman, executive vice president of Crave Entertainment. "In bringing two of our most popular brands to the GBA, we are establishing ourselves as a strong presence on Nintendo's newest system. The depth of our gameplay on the system will break new ground when it comes to action and platform games."

Crave looks determined to get a piece of the action, and hopefully they can pull it off.

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