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Why you'll want PGC's E3 2001 Video

by Billy Berghammer - May 19, 2001, 12:51 am EDT
Source: Gaming Edge

Just a small teaser for one of the things you'll find on the PGC E3 video...an exclusive interview with a certain GameCube developer...

Planet GameCube sat down with Denis Dyack and discussed everything Eternal Darkness, as well as looking to the future with Too Human.

Over an hours worth of footage from this Q&A session will be available in our E3 2001 package. If it will be on the Video tape or the CD (or both) is still to be determined. We have video and audio of this exclusive meeting.

Here's most of the team that conducted the Q&A. An interesting bunch are we....

Denis Dyack and Planet GameCube
Denis Dyack of Silicon Knights and the PGC E3 2001 Team

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