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A Boy And His Blob 2009 Coming To Switch Soon

by Donald Theriault - October 1, 2021, 10:47 pm EDT
Total comments: 3 Source: Ziggurat Interactive

Yes, the hug button is back.

A much-loved remake from the Wii era is itself getting re-released on Switch.

The WayForward-developed A Boy and His Blob, which originally launched on Wii in 2009, was confirmed for a Switch release this fall. It will be published by the retro specialist publisher Ziggurat Interactive, who recently published WayForward's BloodRayne games on Switch as well.

Based on a 1989 NES game headed by former Atari programmer David Crane, A Boy and His Blob features a young boy who can throw different flavors of jellybeans at his pet blob to make it transform. The Wii remake added, among other enhancements, a button that allows the boy to hug the blob on command.


MythtendoOctober 02, 2021

I loved that they put a button in just to hug the blob, it reminded me of how Luigi's Mansion had a button just to have him call out for Mario.

AdrockOctober 03, 2021

I went so far out of my way to track the Wii physical copy down in like 2011 then barely played it. I think I still have it somewhere though I'm also too lazy to drag Wii out of storage.

A Boy and His Blob is almost annoyingly cute. It was one of a couple Wii games from back in the day that had top-notch sprite work. I'd probably still give the nod to Wario Land: Shake It! though.

Mop it upOctober 04, 2021

I do remember liking this game for its charm, but after so many indie games since then, I wonder if its level and puzzle design still holds up.

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