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Eternal Darkness Revealed?

by Ty Shughart - April 15, 2001, 12:49 am PDT
Source: Some prankster

Nope! Rumor debunk time: 52 seconds.

So after posting leaked Thunder Rally screens & getting in trouble with IGN since they were going to charge for 'em, we've decided to be a bit more careful and meticulous while recovering from this potential disaster. As things settled back to normal, the planet mailbag was chock full with more "hacked screenshots," this time from Silicon Knights' upcoming N64 GameCube game, Eternal Darkness! Holy guacamole! Could this be the real deal? How the heck did they get these screens out from under SK's nose?

And after facing our most recent screenshot induced trouble, we were stumped - what were we to do?

Debunk 'em! Think those Eternal Darkness pictures you've picked up off some forum are for real? Think again, it's now known that it's from a PC game or movie or something nobody really cares about. Enjoy a few of the wonderfully misrepresented pictures:

I repeat, NOT Eternal Darkness It LOOKS like it, maybe... ...but it isn't!

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