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GBA Games on NGC Disks?

by Max Lake - March 10, 2001, 12:41 am EST
Source: Video Senki

Thanks to the Japanese publication Dengekioh we have uncovered yet another way in which the NGC & GBA will interact. Scope these details!

I just got in and was ready to retire when our pal Yorrike (of HardCoreGamers.com) lemme know about this scoop from Video-Senki. Lookie:

This month's edition of Dengekioh has a little chat with some PR dude over at Nintendo of Japan, who floated up an interesting possible GBA/GC connection strategy of theirs. The company's apparently thinking of selling a GC disc containing lots and lots of GBA games for some low price (probably the price of a cheapo game these days) and letting users unlock and download games onto flash-RAM carts as they see fit. Verrrry interesting. So this is the sort of thing Nintendo has in mind when they blab on about melding systems together. (Note that I encased all this in vague terms because I don't actually have the mag on me. I'm just relying on posts here and there. Not very many Japanese gaming magazines make it to East Central Illinois, for some reason.)

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