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A True Revelation!

by Max Lake - February 5, 2001, 2:47 am EST

PlanetChat antics.

OK, so it’s super early in the morning and I’m kicking it in #planetchat with a few readers and all of a sudden, "BayouTapeWorm" drops a true revelation. Call me crazy, I had to share it with all of you.

BayouTapeworm: remember that thing that Bowser flew around in in the super mario world game? I just figured out what it is!

Bchilders: Yes. He flies around in it in Paper Mario, too. Bayou

It also appeared in the “prequel” from Paper Mario, Super Mario RPG! One of the other resident chat-heads, Breakyboy, was kind enough to dig up the following picture of this device, as it appeared in Super Mario World:

BayouTapeworm: IST A CLOWNBOAT!@!3111231

"CLOWN BOAT!!!" Finally! After Jeff K has insulted people time and again, one of the geniuses who make up readership of PlanetN2000 has revealed what the hell that haX0r punk is talking about!!! It’s Bowser’s smiley-faced propeller vehicle! Bowser terrorizes his entire Koopa Empire from his lofty perch upon his Clownboat! It all makes so much sense now… Or maybe I’m so enchanted by this revelation because I’ve been up all night.

If you haven’t heard of Jeff K., you can read of his exploits over at somethingawful.com and see him say "Clownboat" right here. Evidently, he’s been imprisoned recently but that hasn’t stopped the little puke from hacking the new site. (Gr!)

Join us in #planetchat (it’s not just for trivia anymore) Use the java chat or mIRC (irc.dmusic.com:6667 #planetchat) to join in. I’m making more of an effort to come by and Ty lives there. Really, he sleeps on that section of the Internet (it would be too scary to explain how this works). Plus we have other people, like Breaky and Bayou who at least camp out during the weekends. While I don’t expect #planetchat to become THE hubbub of Nintendo chit-chat, you’re likely to almost always find some Nintendophiles willing to share their opinions on just about anything.

Also, look for Paper Mario in stores tomorrow! Last night, Billy confirmed what Desmond told me before: this game is hard. Also, if you couldn’t tell from his impressions, he loves it. You can find more info (but no pictures of Bowser’s Clownboat) at www.papermario.com

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