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Chef Shy Guy Brings Possible Ratatouille Plot to Mario Kart Tour

by Neal Ronaghan - November 5, 2019, 9:59 am PST
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Starting tomorrow, Mario Kart Tour’s next event heads to France.

Would you trust a Shy Guy to make you a meal? What if he was riding a go-kart in Paris? No? Me neither. That’s why I’ve decided that the only way this chef-hatted Shy Guy, coming to the next two-week tour in Mario Kart Tour, has to be controlled by some sort of cooking-savant creature.

What pray tell could be lying in wait underneath that white conical hat? Perhaps a tiny Mouser. Maybe one of those rats that Luigi slaughters via vacuum in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Maybe it’s a crossover with Zelda and the Minish are at work to help this Shy Guy chef cook meals while ably racing in a slew of 2-lap bouts.

This isn’t the first time Shy Guys have been fascinated by food, as the large and in charge Gourmet Guy appeared in Paper Mario, being a Snorlax-level nuisance while also helping out Mario and Peach when offered a delicious cake. With that in mind, maybe Chef Shy Guy has roots to Peach’s fabled cake-baking abilities. Perhaps Peach’s appearance in this Parisian Mario Kart tour reveals her true status as a patron or maybe even a critic of the culinary arts. Peach might be funding Chef Shy Guy and whatever tiny creature may or may not be helping him make delicious food.

Anyway, Mario Kart Tour has been a solidly enjoyable mobile game and the Paris Tour is the fourth two-week event, following journeys to New York, Tokyo, and Halloweentown. I look forward to Sombrero Guy’s appearance in the inevitable Mexico City Tour.


pokepal148Spencer Johnson, Contributing WriterNovember 05, 2019

Wait, Shyguy is a chef?

StratosNovember 06, 2019

I thought this was a post dedicated to our dear forum member named Shyguy.

ShyGuyNovember 06, 2019

I've been known to dabble. Ooo La La!

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