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First Three Dragon Quests Launching In Asia With English Option

by Donald Theriault - September 6, 2019, 5:29 am EDT
Total comments: 3 Source: SquareEnix Asia

Where 11 goes, the original trio are sure to follow.

The first three Dragon Quest games are coming to Switch with English text.

During the Japanese Nintendo Direct, it was announced that the first three Dragon Quest games would release in their eShop on September 27. A follow-up post from Square Enix's Asia branch confirmed that the trio would receive a physical release in southeast Asia before the end of the year, with Japanese/Chinese/English text support.

A similar release occurred with the 3DS version of Dragon Quest XI in 2017, though English was not an option and the 3DS's region lock prevented easy importing.


ejamerSeptember 06, 2019

The first game is hard to go back to these days.
The second game improves a great deal, but also feels rough compared to current expectations.
Dragon Quest III... Now that game is a gem!

Mop it upSeptember 06, 2019

Yeah, I would agree with that. I mean, I respect these games were revolutionary and did a lot for their time... but they're not worth playing today. Oddly enough I actually think the second game is worse than the first one.

ejamerSeptember 06, 2019

Quote from: Mop

... I actually think the second game is worse than the first one.

My recollection of playing the GameBoy remake of 2 and 3 is a bit hazy... but that sounds pretty harsh.
The first game held up really poorly when I tried playing through it again a few years ago. Just having a party instead of being a solo character is a big improvement IMO.

(But you might be right! As mentioned, my memory of the second game in particular is weak.)

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