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Psychic-type Pokémon

by Ty Shughart - January 31, 2001, 2:07 am PST
Source: Fatbabies

This is too strange to summarize.

Perhaps this is what we need, something a little sillier than a boring ol' strategy guide lawsuit... I spotted this over at Fatbabies.


By FatInsider

Popular and fiercely defended franchise leads inevitably to goat's blood consumption

Over in the UK, a Birmingham fortune teller named Sylvia Irving has shuffled and shelved her tarot cards, and now peers into the future with the help of Cubone, Dewgong, and the rest of the kiddie-friendly other-worldly entities. What started as a bet (and no doubt according to the less sane "concerned parents" groups, an attempt to coax second-graders into the seedy dank underbelly of alternative religions) is continuing due to popularity as youngsters realize that their favorite card game can also be a powerful all-seeing eye with power beyond imagination.

Meanwhile, a Mr. R. McCartney, writing to the Belfast Telegraph (obviously a shocked and outraged old person, taking a break from pottering around the garden to rant about something he hasn't the faintest idea about), knows that the cards are "fashioned after real evil spirits, [that] later become the trainers of their human counterparts. All Pokemon cards should be burned by wise parents." However, he didn't mentioned whether these cards should be burned by wise mystic Uri Geller after blatant deformation of character by Nintendo of Japan, or whether Imagine's unofficial Pokemon guide should be burned by wise Nintendo attorneys.

- FatInsider

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