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Is Peter Main Hot?

by Mike Sklens - December 21, 2000, 8:48 pm PST
Source: Vote on Peter Main!

I sure think so! Go on, vote! Make sure it's a possitive vote.... the Planet wants to stay on good relations with PETERMAINCO...

OK, we stole this idea from the guys at the Nformant. They found this site called Am I Hot or Not.com. They took a photo of Shiggy and put him up on it to see how hot the public though he was (he was a 1.2 OUCH!). So, seeing as for some reason our readers, at least the trivia going ones, are obsessed with the executive VP of sales and marketing for NOA Peter Main, we decided to do the same thing for him. Go vote for Mr. Main and let the world know he is HOT! I sure hope he doesn't hurt me for this. Peter, if you're reading this, it was Jonathan's idea!

The Main Man

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