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The Formula for GBA Games

by Ty Shughart - December 23, 2000, 1:45 pm PST
Source: IGN Pocket

A new GBA developer, Formula, has popped up with info on two games plus screens! Hooray!

Watch out now, we've got a company from the Netherlands, of all places, workin' on a couple mighty fine lookin' GameBoy Advance games. They're Formula Games, "the handheld division of Lost Boys Games." Here's story excerpts I nicked from our buddies at pocket.ign :

First up is Kaisertal, a top-down shooter blast-a-thon through throngs of invading aliens. World have fallen in the face of the Swarm, a marauding extraterrestrial force terrorizing the cosmos. You are the only hope for the Alpha Necronis Solar system.

Well, you and at least one other friendly pilot, and that's what makes Kaisertal one to really look forward to. The shooter offers Linked Play between at least two Game Boy Advance systems for multiplayer frag-fests. Impossible odds look a lot less daunting when there are two reckless warriors hell-bent on doing the impossible. This will be one of the first handheld shooters to offer Linked shooting multiplayer since the days of the Atari Lynx, and it's a very welcome return to the genre.

The second project is a more mysterious but potentially innovative fighting game. Fire Eaters: Zero Bandits is a vividly colorful beat-em-up with ten cartoon characters battling in lush visual realms. According to the company, " It's our endeavour to create a beat 'em up game which will overshadow most other games in this genre." Tall walls to climb indeed, but at the moment this is the only fighting game announced for the system, so Formula's lone combatant may not have to compete against the kings of fighters like Samurai Showdown and Street Fighter. Properly trained with killer moves and quick controls, Fire Eaters may prove its might when the masters finally enter the ring.

Oh yes, here's a couple of the pictures, from Kaisertal and Fire Eaters, respectively:

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