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The Jungle Book Details Emerge?

by Kosta Andreadis - October 18, 2000, 9:39 pm PDT
Source: Daily Radar

Kosta links some shots of and tells us all about The Jungle Book which will be coming to every next-gen platform you can think of. LINKS TO PICS

In some stellar reporting on Daily Radar's part (yes that was sarcasm), news has broken that Disney's The Jungle Book is set to get a current and next-generation outing by Ubi-Soft. Instead of being another adventure or platformer, the game will be 'dance' orientated and will appear on Playstation, Playstation 2, PC, GameCube and Game Boy Color. Ubi-Soft's description of the game:

"In the game, players are asked to adjust their ears to the tempo of the music and input arrows on the beat in order to make the main character dance," she explains. "The better a player inputs their moves, the better Mowgli dances. The focus of the game is on the rhythm, and the objective is to get your character to dance well."

***What may interest readers of the Planet is that we here posted a similar article way back during E3 that basically stated all of this, and then some. Here is an excerpt from Billy's article.

"Ubi Soft was rather tight lipped at E3 this year. Yet, there were two game titles that slipped though their clutches....The big game, which we knew earlier, is Dinosaur.... (the other) is Walt Disney's The Jungle Book Rhythm N'Groove. Yes, it looks like the Dance Revolution-ish titles are going to be hitting Dolphin. There was actually a line to play the PSX version of the game. All of your favorite (cough) Jungle Book characters will be featured."

Gameplay Details:

- Starring your favorite characters form Walt Disney Pictures The Jungle Book.

- New versions of the classic songs "I wanna be like you" and "Bare Necessities"

- Dance Scenes capture the original movie atmosphere.

- An amazing multiplayer option with over 15 minutes of 3-D kinematics.

PlanetN2000 always likes to see websites that are on top of their game, and Daily Radar is a prime example of this. We apologize if this news is a little old but bear in mind that some sites are under the impression that it's new.

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