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Mickey Kart=Kart LUV

by Billy Berghammer - November 15, 2000, 12:26 pm PST

Only Rare could make a Disney-licensed racing game good!

Okay, fine, it's Mickey's Speedway USA. But when it comes down to it. It's Mickey Kart. Deal.

If you like Kart racing, you need this game. Period. As I said in my Holiday Preview, this game is excellent. I have played through the 50cc and 100cc courses and I am absolutely sucked into this game. If you need a little break from Zelda and have the cash...time to drop by your local game store and hook up with some Kart goodness. Yeah, it's Mickey...but damn it's good.

I was a little curious how the AI would be in this game. I smoked right though the 50cc tracks. I was worried. Would I crush the competition? Would I fly right through this game? The answer....No. The second you hit the 100cc courses the intensity increases 10 fold. Damn Daisy duck and her baseballs. The AI is the "cheating" style...so the second you knock someone down, they will be on your ass. You will be working for those first place finishes. Personally, I think that's a good thing.

Mickey's Speedway USA's tracks are varied and beautiful. No Expansion Pak usage (BOOOOOOOOO!) but it's still damn pretty. Each of the Disney characters are portrayed very well and the environments are wonderful. Especially when you are chucking Minnie into the wall. Take that you big eared freak!

The voices are great! There are more taunts than ever before. I played this for a couple of hours and I was deeply impressed with the variety. The music was average. You can hear a similarity to the Diddy Kong Racing soundtrack. I have a feeling I'll be throwing a CD in my CD player to stray from it in a couple of days. A little Tom Jones action and a Kart game and I'm all set for the evening.

One complaint. $59.99? Excuse me? This isn't Zelda for Christ's sake. PS2 games don't even cost this much. Nintendo...if you want this game to move off the shelves this Holiday season a $50 price point would have been nice. $39.99 would have been even better. And FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, let us use our Expansion Paks! You know we have at least one! Not that this game isn't pretty and fast. These are small gripes for how good this game is.

The bottom line....it's excellent Kart fun! It's been a little while since there has been a new good Kart racer on the N64. Even though it's Mickey, I assure you that if you dig Kart style racing, you will love this game.

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