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Superman on Gamecube!

by Kosta Andreadis - September 7, 2000, 6:49 am PDT
Source: FGNonline

Superman is coming to the GameCube! Fortunately, Titus has nothing to do with it this time.

Now before all you readers out there question my use of an exclamation mark, let's get one thing straight. The abysmal excuse for a videogame by developer Titus, Superman 64, will have no connection with this incarnation other than the Superman license. With a new developer and publisher Superman will fly his way onto Gamecube through game giant Infogrames.

Infogrames vice president Kerri Orders, stated, "Infogrames, DC Comics and Warner Bros. Consumer Products will work together to make sure that every aspect of the Superman games captures the imagination of the gaming public. The exciting range of Superman's powers, the richness of his supporting cast, his colorful rogues gallery and his entire universe give us incredible material to draw upon. We intend to use this material to create epic adventures for the Man of Steel that will leave gamers in awe." Let's hope so.

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