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Happy Independence Day!

by Mike Hrusecky - July 3, 2000, 8:18 am EDT
Source: Billy Berghammer

Our Happy Independence Day wishes to you!

Is it a bad thing to have a couple days off from the real world? Hell naw! It gives us some quality time to spend with our families and loved ones. Who are we kidding! Of Course we're playing games! Hell I haven't even had a chance to beat PD yet (yes, I'm pretty freakin' lame) Happy Independence day (well...almost) to all of our US readers out there! And if you are from another country, have a beer anyways. As for Kosta, have a Fosters. :)

I've been busy with my new puter. Yes, I have finally stepped into the new Millenium with a brand spankin' new puter! I now have a screamin' Commodore 128! I ma L33T HaX0r now! Well it's nice to have this additional speed and stuff, but I lost a few things (again, I am dumb) on the transfer like my AIM and ICQ list.

If you want to get on our Unofficial PlanetN2000 Mailing list, fire me off an ICQ at #5422815. Or if you know my AIM screenname, (it's super secret man) send me a message. Thanks! Have a great Holiday weekend all (it's almost over), and get ready for another week of Dolphin updates!

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