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Third Labo Kit To Launch September 14: Vehicle Themed

by Donald Theriault - July 26, 2018, 6:28 pm PDT
Total comments: 11 Source: Nintendo

Let's see how it will drive sales.

The third Labo kit has been announced.

The Toy-Con "Vehicle" kit will launch on September 14, and will feature multiple types of vehicles to build and play with. A plane, submarine, and car are among the included forms of transport.

Also included in the Vehicle kit are keys, which can be moved from one vehicle to another while playing the game.


ShyGuyJuly 26, 2018

This madness will never end!

EnnerJuly 26, 2018

WU HU! Time to fly!

LemonadeJuly 27, 2018

I might actually buy this one. It just depends on how much good content is in the game.

Ian SaneJuly 27, 2018

It might be hard to fit these on store shelves what with all the unsold original Labo sets eating up all the space.

Seriously though every Wal-Mart in my area has Labo collecting dust on shelves.  Maybe it just ain't the hip thing in my area but it looks like it is not selling as Nintendo expected.  Though at this early stage it might just be that the specific sets released thus far just aren't attracting interest and the concept still needs its killer app.  So in that sense I can see Nintendo trying with a few more sets but at some point if Labo doesn't catch on they have to retire it.

SorenJuly 27, 2018

Labo is 3 months old my man and you out here talking about retiring it LMAO.

Quote from: Soren

Labo is 3 months old my man and you out here talking about retiring it LMAO.

In fairness, he's not necessarily wrong.  The first two labo kits have been readily in stock at all the stores here, and I recall the labo kits getting pretty discounted on Amazon fairly quickly after launch. 

I was a little surprised by this announcement, but I assume this kit had already been developed and was being held-back a little bit before announcement.  Just makes me more curious now what they've already developed and are waiting to release.

Also, the sunk cost is already there for these things.  I assume it's not hard for them to pack and ship these, maybe the cost to produce is so low that even a modest sales is enough to be successful.

Mop it upJuly 27, 2018

This looks like it's just constructing controllers to play the game. I wonder if it will have any sort of creative freedom like the Variety Kit does.

I would say that this one looks more interesting to me since the game itself looks more involved, but it's still probably not something I'd get.

nickmitchJuly 27, 2018

I like the look of this one, especially since it seems like there's more game to it than the variety pack.  But all the cardboard creations are going to start taking up too much space.

Also, how long until they patch Mario Kart 8 to include support for the new steering wheel?

Would MK8D need a patch for this?

nickmitchJuly 28, 2018

They had to patch for the variety kit, no?  Maybe the new stuff will work with the existing patch?

Mop it upJuly 28, 2018

Quote from: Shaymin

Would MK8D need a patch for this?

While the wheel might work as is, wouldn't they need to patch in support for the pedal?

Though, would this wheel work all that well for Mario Kart? Looks like it might be tricky to reach the buttons.

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