Nyko and Interact full on!

by Billy Berghammer - May 12, 2000, 12:55 am PDT

3rd party accessories galore!

I have spoken with some representatives of both Nyko and Interact about accessories for Dolphin and GBA. Both companies are planning on backing the Dolphin and GBA with a full line of accesories.

Both Nyko and Interact were not allowed to go into any major details, but would basically state that they were going to make complete lines of accessories for both system. Well of course! Two new systems for people to buy accessories from! And yes we'll buy them!

Not that this isn't surprising for a company like Nyko. Their Game Boy Worm Light (tested...loved..and fully approved) has been the #1 selling accessory on any console for the last 3 months. Seeing is GBA will not have a backlight, looks like Nyko will be the company to beat! Expect Interact to be ready with a full on assault.

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