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Mega Man X Legacy Collections Announced

by Donald Theriault - April 10, 2018, 8:50 pm PDT
Total comments: 2 Source: Capcom

When it comes to blue robots firing Hadoukens, there's no power greater than X.

The Mega Man revival on Switch will continue past the original Legacy Collections in May.

After announcing that all of the Mega Man X games would come to Switch in 2018 at the Mega Man 11 announcement stream last year, Capcom confirmed today that they would come in the form of Mega Man X Legacy Collections. Collection 1 will include the three Super Nintendo Mega Man X games as well as X4, while the second collection would include the PS1/2 releases of X5 through X8.

Both collections will release on July 24. Like their predecessors, the two collections will be sold separately on the eShop for $19.99 each, or in a package with Collection 1 on cartridge and a download code for Collection 2 for $39.99. An animated feature called "The Day of Σ", which debuted in 2006's Mega Man Maverick Hunter X for PSP, will also be included with both collections along with new challenge modes that include fighting two bosses at once.


Ian SaneApril 11, 2018

Nice of them to put all the good X games on the first collection.  If you're a dedicated enough Mega Man X fan to want a collection of the later titles then you probably already have the PS1/PS2 discs.

Luigi DudeApril 11, 2018

It is rather hilarious.  It's like does anyone at Capcom even realize the quality of these games and how the fanbase thinks of them?  I mean X5 is considered decent by a good amount of the fanbase and X8 does have some fans as well, but X6 and X7 are almost universally considered trash by both casual and hardcore fans alike.

They should have at least put Command Mission in the second collection to justify it better.  It's a game not a lot of people played and is considered decent by many that played it.  Yeah the 2nd Collection would have had more games but would at least make people more willing to pay the $20 price tag for it.

The first collection is a definite must own since the quality to X1-4 ranges from great to awesome on all of them so it's a great deal for only $20.  But unless you can get the second collection during a sale for maybe $10 or less, it is nowhere close to being worth the same price as the first.

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