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Perfect Dark "Launches"

by Steven Thomas - April 30, 2000, 11:16 am PDT
Source: Launch

Wait, don't get too excited. We quite mean it's out, but the headline isn't inaccurate either.

Well, no, not really .. yet. But, I just popped in my latest copy of Launch, #39, and was suprised to see a link to Datadyne.

It's good to see Nintendo participating in new types of advertising campaigns. One thing they should have done was to provide more information up front about what Datadyne is. You click the link, and you get to the site .. but for someone who does not know what it is, the first reaction would be, "what the heck is this?" Only by clicking on "Careers" would you see the recently updated Recruitment Schedule, which now includes links back to Rare's site for a few development job descriptions. I suppose this confirms that Perfect Dark is indeed being developed for Dolphin, but I could be wrong. Also of note on the Datadyne site, is that the Recruitment Schedule has changed quite a bit recently.

Launch is an interactive CD-ROM subscription that delivers interactive samples of various new music artists in each issue.

They sell subscriptions, but for some reason I have received several free over the last couple of months. You can visit launch at the link above (plugging for a free subscription).

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