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Major Super Mario Run Update Coming September 29 Along With First Sale

by Donald Theriault - September 22, 2017, 2:23 pm PDT
Total comments: 4 Source: App Store (iOS 11 required)

Ever wanted to have Mario run to the dulcet tones of Raining Blood by Slayer? You can.

A big patch will be hitting Super Mario Run next week, at least on iOS.

The patch is set for release on September 29 and will add a new game mode called Remix 10 which features portions of 10 levels. A World Star will also be added, along with the ability to play as Princess Daisy after rescuing her and use music apps while playing the game.

Along with the update, a two-week 50% off sale will be held for the full game unlock for at least the iOS version.


StratosSeptember 22, 2017

About time we got an update! Its really just on my phone to entertain my friend's kids.

MythtendoSeptember 22, 2017

Hopefully the sale comes to the Android version too

AdrockSeptember 22, 2017

50% sale and playable Daisy?! Looks like I’m finally buying the full version.

KilstarSeptember 22, 2017

Does this game become playable offline after purchase? That is the reason I never picked this game up before. Someone who does not want to pay for data its a deal breaker.

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