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Saffire Racer?

by Billy Berghammer - January 28, 2000, 9:39 pm PST
Source: Nintendorks

Nintendorks talk to Saffire about a planned Dolphin racing game...

The Dorks have teamed up with Saffire to do a little racer research. Hmmmm...so does that make 3 games in development from Saffire? Very cool. Here's the goods....

Our buds over at Saffire need your help to make a potential Dolphin game. Lately, they have been throwing ideas around for a Dolphin racing title. If they were to make a racer for Nintendo's next console, they'd use some serious development time to create a game that we could only dream of right now. Saffire has told Nintendorks that they are very interested in making an off-road racer similar to that of their latest creation, Top Gear Rally 2. "We want mud to look and act like mud," said CEO Les Pardew. He later went on to talk about if you're to go ninety miles per hour on a muddy road, there would be fifteen foot rooster tails. "We'd want the gamer to experience that." After wiping the drool away, we agreed.

So here is where you, the Dolphin enthusiast, come in. Saffire has asked us to collect as many ideas, suggestions, and comments as possible. More specifically:

What is the first thing you look for in a racing title?

What makes a great racer?

What elements (gameplay, graphically, etc.) would you like to see in a Dolphin racing game? Both specifics and general concepts are welcome.

Send all your glorious feedback right here. We will send the emails to Saffire early next week, so you have until Monday morning to get them in. Remember, the more feedback Saffire receives, the better the chances are that they'll make a dynamite game. Your ideas, Saffire's development team, and one supreme console. This is just the beginning...

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