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by Billy Berghammer - January 28, 2000, 12:55 am PST

PlanetN2000 proudly introduces Talkback!

That means, "For your information". In case you didn't know that. :) Anyhoo...those little balloons next to the titles of the story's mean you can add your comments there. It's a little compliment to the forums. It just allows you, the reader to add your own comments easily! Feel free to use them!

Also, I am curious of what else you'd like to see here on Planet N2000! We are busy working on our next design, and we are curious about what you'd like to see here on our site! Look, this site is basically here for you the readers. If there is something you'd like to suggest, or complain about...your time is NOW!!! Seriously! Your comments really matter! Either toss your comments in the comments area with this story, or e-mail us at webmaster@planetN2000.com ! Thank you!

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