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Ever Oasis Coming June 23 in North America, Europe

by Bryan Rose - April 12, 2017, 3:08 pm PDT
Total comments: 6 Source: Nintendo Direct

Won't be long to try out this action RPG.

Today's Nintendo Direct gave us a release date for Ever Oasis in North America and Europe: June 23. The Japan release is set for July 13.

Announced at last year's E3, Ever Oasis is an action RPG developed by Grezzo for the Nintendo 3DS. Players are tasked with building an oasis by completing dungeons and other missions.

It was stated during the Direct that more information would be coming out for this title soon.


Omg that's so... So SOON!

LemonadeApril 12, 2017

Im really looking forward to this. Day 1 buy for me

BeautifulShyApril 12, 2017

Quote from: Lemonade

Im really looking forward to this. Day 1 Birthday buy for me

Fixed for me!!

Ian SaneApril 12, 2017

I'm not sure if I'm really interested in this game because of what it is or because my game collector radar is beeping like crazy and I figure that any retail versions of 3DS games from this point on are going to end up rare and expensive.

rygarApril 13, 2017

I was curios before just because it's a RPG, but I liked the Direct trailer. I think a lot of the draw of this game could be in how invested you become in your particular oasis and I'm interested in how they are going to use the water spirit(s) to help personify that. I have a list of games I want to get before transitioning from the 3DS and I'm adding this unless it reviews terribly.

Mop it upApril 13, 2017

I was hoping they would date this game, looking forward to it!

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