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Sonic News: Mania Delayed, Project Named

by Donald Theriault - March 16, 2017, 7:54 pm PDT
Total comments: 5 Source: Sega

Mania will be getting some additional touches.

Sega held a panel today at the South by Southwest (SxSW) festival in Austin, TX and provided updates on two upcoming titles.

The 2D retro remake Sonic Mania was announced to be coming out in summer for the Switch, a slight delay from the game's original Spring release. The panel also saw the debut of the Flying Battery Zone, which first debuted in Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

Project Sonic 2017 received its final title as well, and it will launch this year as Sonic Forces. The game follows in the tradition of Sonic Colors and Generations, and more gameplay footage showing Modern Sonic is expected tomorrow.


ClexYoshiMarch 16, 2017

Flying Battery is a poopy zone and I dislike it. I'd have literally rather have gotten Sandopolis, which most people think is the ACTUAL poopy zone of S&K.

CaterkillerMatthew Osborne, Contributing WriterMarch 16, 2017

YAWN to the MAX! In regards to Forces. I don't even care if Sonic tries to take itself a little more seriously again with these visuals I just want it to play so well that it completely redefines Sonic in a Mario 64/Breath of the Wild type of way. I know thats a lot to ask but still.

Same old boost-Sonic gameplay that turned me off way back with Unleashed. And like a dumb idiot I will probably buy it anyway just in case. I eagerly await the day when an official game takes major cues from those Green Hill open world fan games. Sonic doesn't need to be Breath of the Wild but I don't feel like dealing with these narrow corridors, just blasting through enemies with such a false feeling to them. I know its only a few seconds of footage but boost-Sonic does not feel as satisfying as momentum Sonic. Granted there is some fun to be had when its a non stop rollercoaster ride. You should see the way I play Sonic Adventure 2, but Unleashed on took it way too far.

Not to mention switching from 3D to 2D with modern Sonic just does not feel right. There is a certain weight that Sonic has that does not flow well with the boost formula.
- -
Now as for Sonic Mania, I played it and enjoyed it. It really feels like the classic games. I love Flying Battery and I would mind Sandopolis either!

SteefosaurusMarch 17, 2017

Will be interesting to see how these will be received, Mania in particular. As I understand it Sonic fans have been clamoring for a retro-styled iteration done well, but I'm curious if it has appeal beyond that fanbase. Personally I'm not really in the market for either of these titles, but hopefully they do well for Sega.

ClexYoshiMarch 17, 2017

Hey, some people really dig boost-sonic, and that's why it's coming back after having been abolished in Lost world!

That being said, bringing back Boost Sonic is... probably to Sega's detriment given that 2016 brought us Indie proof of concept 3D Sonic Games like Green Hill Paradise and Sonic Utopia that attempted to set out and show that maybe boost sonicc is a biiit on the regressive side.

I also really like a fellow named BlazeHedgehog over in various communities' idea for 3D Sonic. he's someone who makes fangames... anyhow, he thinks a fun idea for 3D sonic that might work is if Sonic had say... car controls. make his controls for platforming and when you're not holding the 'gas' button feel Mario tight and such, but introduce an analogue shoulder button for the purpose of GRADUALLY bringing him up to higher speeds, and at that point forward nolonger wold have to be held, as he'd adopt a racing game control scheme, and THAT would fit amazingly into boost sonic level design quite nicely.

Sonic Generations got good critical reception, and there's quite a few folks who can go back to sonic unleashed and enjoy that game for what it is now. I don't think Sega can really AFFORD to try and reinvent the wheel again. at least... not until Sonic Mania comes out and weather that gets praised to high heaven or people bitch that it's pretty much a Romhack will prove if Sega is willing to extend the olive branch to the community further and maybe say... hire on the Sonic Utopia guys or the folks making Sonic World or... SOMETHING.



here's the gameplay, but direct captured.

A couple of things to note; White whisps are apparantly back, and sonic gets no energy nor does he free a animal when he destroyes these... really bland and generic looking eggpawns.

Actually, wait... the buzzbombers and the Death Egg Robots are also missing the usual flair Dr. Eggman puts into his work. he's normally a narcasist of sorts, and has a flair for the artistic in his robot designs (besides in Sonic06 where they conveniently replaced Dr. Eggman with a really bland and generic bald guy who looks nothing like teddy roosavelt wearing a Dr. Eggman cosplay)

so uh... either something has happened to the lovable goofball, or Sonic Team have no idea WTF they are doing and changed the designs of iconic enemies for exactly ZERO REASON

Quote from: ClexYoshi

so uh... either something has happened to the lovable goofball, or Sonic Team have no idea WTF they are doing and changed the designs of iconic enemies for exactly ZERO REASON

I'm not touching the bolded with a 10ft pole.

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