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Level 5 Vision Sees Multiple Announcements For 3DS

by Donald Theriault - July 27, 2016, 4:22 am PDT
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And mobile, and the manga rack, and the cereal shelf.

Level 5 held their annual "Vision" event earlier today and several new 3DS titles were announced as part of the company's massive cross-media blitz strategy.

A recent trademark that appeared in Europe was confirmed as Lady Layton: The Conspiracy of King Millionaire Ariadne was announced for 3DS as well as smartphones. The new title puts Layton's daughter Catoleil in the Professor's role, complete with her own hat. The game is expected to release next April in Japan.

The Snack World project announced at last year's Level 5 Vision was also shown for the first time. The key concept of the game involves scanning real world objects via NFC (using the New 3DS amiibo functions or 3DS amiibo reader), with premium objects to be sold. Snack World is slated to release next July in Japan.

Following Little Battlers eXperience, Level 5 will return to the world of mecha with Megaton Kyu Musashi. The multiplayer action-RPG is set in the 22nd century following humanity's conquest by an alien race called the Dorakuta. It will also release next summer in Japan.

Finally, a new Inazuma Eleven series was teased with an anime and support for an Inazuma Band that allows player training, but no platform was identified for the game.


leahsdadJuly 27, 2016

Um...okay so we have Layton's daughter.  Who is the mother then?

Disco StuJuly 28, 2016

Let's hope Lady Layton comes to NX.  I'm not going to want to play a 3DS game in April!  (assuming NX isn't delayed and actually releases in March)

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