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Super Mario Maker Patched to v1.10

by Donald Theriault - September 23, 2015, 7:26 pm PDT
Total comments: 5 Source: Nintendo

Does not resolve odd level-breaking glitch.

UPDATE: NWR staff have been able to recreate the glitch in 1.10. Original story follows.

Super Mario Maker has received a full point version update, and reports are it resolves a potential level-breaking glitch.

The v1.10 patch's official notes are "Adjustments have been made to make for a more present gaming experience", and the patch requires 223MB.

Although not confirmed officially, reports from social media indicate the patch may have resolved a particular glitch that can render Mario invincible for the rest of a course. It involved stepping on spikes while equipped with a Fire Flower or other post-Mushroom power-up, then entering a door near the end of the invincibility period to be made invincible for the rest of the stage. (A test level for this can be found with code 9301-0000-004C-26E6.)


NeoThunderSeptember 24, 2015

Still no patch for people making stupid "don't move" levels

Sadly, users can't be patched.

MythtendoSeptember 24, 2015

Don't move levels are usually clever and well thought out, better than levels requiring trial and error (like one level I played that made you jump into 1 of 3 pits, but 2 of them would kill you instantly and you had no way of knowing which one to take unless you played the level before. Or levels that have doors which instantly kill you).

ClexYoshiSeptember 24, 2015

Yeah, Gamexplain made a video about this glitch and I very much knew that it was going to be something that got patched. that being said, there may be levels out on the server now that are unbeatable now as a result because of levels being built around it.

I actually have something I'd like to have patched where for some reason, muchers aren't loaded in when they are off screen. I have a level that I'm otherwise REALLY proud of, but it breaks if you launch shell across the long stretch of munchers but don't follow it.

KDR_11kSeptember 25, 2015

One thing I would like patched is the delay on things coming out of pipes being exactly the time you need to run up to the pipe and think it's safe to land on. Didn't plants in SMB spawn extended and only retract once the player can see that they're in the pipe?

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