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Major Splatoon Update Comes August 5

by Donald Theriault - July 27, 2015, 4:47 am PDT
Total comments: 8 Source: SplatoonJP Twitter

Includes a tag team match for the players, and some road construction.

The Japanese Splatoon Twitter account has announced a massive content update for August 6, with the update landing on August 5 in North America.

According to a translation provided by @Cheesemeister3k the update will include new weapons and items, as well as private matches and a new tag team match function.

As part of the preparation for the update, a stage will be refurbished as well. Urchin Underpass will be unavailable in the three days leading up to the update, for both Turf War and ranked battle modes.

Nintendo has revealed the update will bring the level cap to 50, and ranked battles will go up to S+. The Splatling gun and Splosher bucket will be added with the update.


SorenJuly 27, 2015

Here we go guys, NWR Splatoon nights!

OedoJuly 27, 2015

I'm pleasantly surprised that they're moving the cap all the way up to level 50. Despite members of the team trying to push the blame onto "the gamer lifestyle," it was clearly a mistake on their end to have it as low as 20 at the start. Good on them for acknowledging that.

EnnerJuly 27, 2015

The game's now super finished!

Ah, the rank cap is raised to 50. I better get to it then.

budstickyJuly 27, 2015

This is great and all, but I was really hoping to see them expand the map selection in this August update.  Why still limit it to just 2 maps that only change every four hours?  Even during the Splatfests they at least make three maps available.  Since the number of maps has increased I'm not sure why they don't do this.

Also, how about allowing load out changes while waiting for games to start?

EnnerJuly 27, 2015

From the developer's word, they limit the map rotations in their way so players to not gravitate to all-purpose, jack-of-all-trades weapons and load-outs.

Why don't they have quick load-out switching to alleviate this? 'cause Nintendo.

Now that I think about it, changing your load out will probably require you to exit a group of friends or private match lobby.

MrPhishfoodJuly 31, 2015

If the levelling up system follows the same pattern all the way through then to get to level 50 you're looking at 2.7 million points to get there. That's 10 times more than what it took you to reach 20.

Quickest way to reach there is to play ranked matches and be good. otherwise you're looking  at 2700 Turf Wars.

nickmitchAugust 03, 2015

I like that kind of longevity in my titles.

sudoshuffAugust 03, 2015

I'm even excited about some of the smaller changes...like more music coming to the stages.  I'm kind of tired of hearing the same death metal during kelp dome.

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