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Nintendo To Confirm E3 Plans Tomorrow

by Donald Theriault - May 12, 2015, 8:23 am PDT
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And this time, they're training to prepare the body.

The mystery of Nintendo's E3 plans will be solved tomorrow at noon ET.

Nintendo's Twitter has posted the following message today:

It appears the theme of the announcement video will be boxing, possibly teasing a new Punch-Out, but we'll find out tomorrow.


broodwarsMay 12, 2015

*sigh* Another Punch-Out? The Wii game was OK, but I really didn't feel like I wanted more of it. Maybe they're just teasing a 3DS port, or maybe they're just being cute ala last E3's Mother 3 joke.

fred13May 12, 2015

I can't believe I"m saying this but for once I'm with Broodwars

TOPHATANT123May 12, 2015

Not necessarily in terms of announcements but just in terms of raw presentation last years E3 was easily the best one they've done by a country mile. The event it's self was well paced (relative to the other conferences in 2014) and being prerecorded allowed for higher production values than a stage show (Robot Chicken, Reggie Fils Anime, Wool Shop, Aonuma and Koei Tecmo sitting down to discuss Zelda over tea, Zelda appearing at the click of Aonuma's fingers, the splatoon aquarium) as well as being aired simultaneously in multiple different languages with the choice between subs or dubs in the case of English. Then there were the other 3 prongs being the public demos, the daily live stream and the tournament.

As for Punch-Out I don't think this is a tease since I recognise the outfit from the "Smash September Training Montage" video. Implying it's NOA's generic training outfit prop rather than Little Mac's. Although it could go either way at this point.

SorenMay 12, 2015

lol there's not going to be a new Punch Out.

An announcement of an announcement of an announcement? Announception.

AdrockMay 12, 2015

Quote from: broodwars

*sigh* Another Punch-Out?

The Wii game was released six years ago. Not that I'm dying for a sequel, but I think six years is a pretty lengthy time between installments.

In any case, I don't think Nintendo is releasing a new Punch-Out. If Nintendo wanted to hype something, it has better, more popular IPs to use.

Ian SaneMay 12, 2015

It doesn't make sense to announce a new Punch-Out!! this close to E3.  Why wouldn't they save that for then?

Punch-Out on the Wii felt like a very by-the-numbers nostalgia game.  It had ONE new character!  That's it!  ONE!  Everyone else is taken from prior games.  In comparison Super Punch-Out! had like ten new characters.  So the design was "here's your favourite Punch-Out characters with pretty much the exact same gameplay as the NES game only with updated graphics."  You know when people discuss sequels they want to see and they go and list 1000 things from prior games they want to see again as opposed to something new or different?  Punch-Out Wii is for those people.  I'm really not interested in games like that.  Since I figure another Punch-Out by Next Level would be the same idea I wouldn't care about another Punch-Out.

Still Wii U owners need something to play in 2015 and that's a game that might have a quicker dev time than others.  It's not a terrible choice to pad the release schedule which should Nintendo's entire priority until the NX.  Keep the existing Wii U owners happy and the Nintendo name in people's minds with regular releases.  Sega pretty much disappeared between the Saturn and Dreamcast and that was a big mistake.  Hell, Nintendo did the Wii U no favours by practically abandoning the Wii for it's last few years.

CaterkillerMatthew Osborne, Contributing WriterMay 12, 2015

I took that training line to mean there will be another Smash Broa tournament where more characters will be revealed.

the asylumMay 12, 2015

More Smash 4 and Mario Kart 8 DLC, Zelda/Starfox/Splatoon trailers, and Punch Out

And still no F-Zero

Mop it upMay 12, 2015

Quote from: Caterkiller

I took that training line to mean there will be another Smash Bros tournament where more characters will be revealed.

Yeah, I was thinking it would be something like that.

UncleBobRichard Cook, Guest ContributorMay 12, 2015

Yeah, I'll be surprised if this is a new Punch-Out. Probably just Punch-Out for 3DS VC. ;)

mustbeburtMay 13, 2015

Where do we go to watch this?

mustbeburtMay 13, 2015


azekeMay 13, 2015

Poor Bill.

Also last time they specifically mentioned that there will be new games (Steam and those project tech demos). Nothing this year...

BlkPaladinMay 13, 2015

Well like they announced yesterday it was just an announcement for what they were doing for E3 and the workout thing was a part of it. A run down for those of you who don't want to take time to watch the video.

Returning: The Digital Event and the Treehouse presentations. Mario Maker at Best Buy.
And the Nintendo World Championships will be revived to replace the Smash Tourney.

And sigh at the #trintroll hash tag....

Quote from: azeke

Poor Bill.

Also last time they specifically mentioned that there will be new games (Steam and those project tech demos). Nothing this year...

The financial briefing had Iwata mentioning there are unannounced Wii U games due this fiscal year., so if they're going to show it'll be this E3.

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