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Nintendo Downloads - July 31, 2014

by Bryan Rose - August 2, 2014, 12:24 pm EDT
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Attempt to connect into this week's Downloads...successful!

Not necessarily a slow week, but nothing completely stands out, either. The big release this week is the Virtual Console re-release of Mega Man Battle Network. Hope you guys like a lot of Battle Network as there are five sequels to go before the Virtual Console collection is complete. With so many Mega Man games existing, maybe taking a breather for a decade or two is actually a pretty good idea. But hey, at least we'll get tons of Mega Man doodads and shirts for years to come.

Nintendo 3DS Downloads

Frederic: Resurrection of Music
Steel Empire
Tangram Attack

Wii U Download Software

Ice Cream Surfer
XType Plus
IQ Test
Soul Saga

Wii U Virtual Console

Mega Man Battle Network


Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag on the Wii U eShop is $29.99 through August 4.
Darts off 3D is $0.99 on the 3DS eShop through August 20.
Sweet Memories- Blackjack on the 3DS eShop is $2.79 through August 21.
WAKEDAS on the 3DS eShop is $1.99 through August 21.


socialanimeguyAugust 02, 2014

Some good downloads there.

However, as a backer of the game I am sure that Soul Saga is not near release yet, so why is it in the list of downloads?

I'm still upset we got nothing on the Game Boy VC for the system's 25th anniversary.

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