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New Pokémon, Zelda Monopoly Boxes Revealed

by Aaron R. Brown - April 8, 2014, 5:39 am EDT
Total comments: 9 Source: Southern Hobby Supply

Monopolize your Zelda and/or Pokémon fandom.

Southern Hobby Supply has posted listings for new Zelda and Pokémon-based Monopoly games.

Both Monopoly Pokémon Edition and Monopoly Legend of Zelda Edition are set to release August 21, 2014, as reported by the website.

A 550-piece The Legend of Zelda puzzle was also listed, which Hobby Supply lists as releasing a week earlier on August 15. It features various characters from the series and measures 18" x 24".

For Pokémon, this isn't the franchise's first time teaming up with Rich Uncle Pennybags. In 1999, Monopoly: Pokémon Edition first came to the scene as an adaptation of the Red and Blue versions as well as the anime.



ChariblazeApril 08, 2014

"Kanto Edition" There will be more? :D

Chad SexingtonApril 08, 2014

Zelda Monopoly is going to get bought so hard by me.

*throws wallet at Southern Hobby Supply*

Take my money!


xcwarriorApril 08, 2014

Wish they would do this with more games than just Monopoly. I have 3 Monopoly sets already, I don't really want more of them.

EvilMarioApril 08, 2014

I'd love the die-cast playing pieces.. but.. not for the price these will retail for. Monopoly being pretty terrible doesn't help.

Ian SaneApril 08, 2014

I'd be more interested in Zelda Monopoly if it wasn't based so much on Skyward Sword.  If I was going to pick one Zelda to commemorate with a board game it wouldn't be that one.

nickmitchApril 08, 2014

Well then, IAN, which one would it be??!

Ian SaneApril 08, 2014

Quote from: nickmitch

Well then, IAN, which one would it be??!

The puzzle uses Ocarina of Time, which I like a lot better, but I would be more interested in a Zelda Monopoly that covers the whole series.

But if it covered the whole series they'd have to account for the three different outcomes of Ocarina of Time and their various effects on the timeline.

"Get confused by the f**king owl: Go back 3 spaces"

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