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Hudson Shoot-'Em-Up Removed from Wii Virtual Console

by Aaron R. Brown - April 1, 2014, 2:12 am PDT
Total comments: 4 Source: NeoGAF

The classic import is no longer in the North America eShop.

Hudson Soft's Star Parodier has vanished from the Wii Virtual Console in North America.

It seems to have been removed under the radar. Nintendo has not commented on why this title was removed.

The then-Japanese-exclusive was released in April 1992 on the PC Engine. In 2008, it finally made its way to the VC in Japan, Europe and North America.

Star Parodier is still available in both Europe and Japan. There has been no other news of a possible removal in other regions.



Seriously can we get an expiration date on these things, like honestly.

Luigi DudeApril 01, 2014

Well it's a good thing I downloaded it years ago, but still, removing games without even a hint of it being taken down is a real dick move.  This is the same thing they did with the Donkey Kong Country games which still pisses me off because I was planning on downloading DKC3 but it got removed without warning so I wasn't able to.

At least when they were going to remove Irem's R-Type games we got a warning which is why I went and downloaded R-Type for the Turbographix and R-Type 3 for the SNES right before the day they were removed.  But this and Donkey Kong are just bullshit.

I guess the lesson here is if there's any games left on the Virtual Console that you haven't downloaded yet, better get them now since they can be gone without warning.  And considering how slow the Wii U eshop releases are, better get them now because who knows how many years it'll take for them to appear on that system.

It isn't just a dick move it's completely counter logic. If you say 'we cannot be certain that this game will be available for purchase after such and such date,' people will be more likely to buy your game now because they know for certain if they don't it may no longer be available next week.

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