Tank! Tank! Tank! Free Download on eShop Gives You 60 Club Nintendo Coins

by Curtis Bonds - May 2, 2013, 5:26 pm PDT
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Coins! Coins! Coins!

Tank! Tank! Tank! on the Wii U's eShop still gives you 60 Club Nintendo coins, despite adopting a free-to-play model. The game launched with the Wii U back in November of last year for $49.99, but was reworked as a free download in Japan, Europe, and most recently North America. Despite the game being free (with extra stages and mode unlocks that can be purchased separately) players can go to their Club Nintendo account after downloading the game and take a survey. After completing the survey, they will be rewarded 60 Club Nintendo coins, as if they had purchased the full retail game.

It is unknown if this was done in error, but we will keep you posted if anything changes.


TJ SpykeMay 03, 2013

LOL, so you can get 60 CN coins for free. Wish I had a Wii U to take advantage of this. If it is a glitch, every Wii U owner should try and take advantage of it even if they have no interest in the game.

KisakiProjectMay 03, 2013

I'm dloading it just so I have something to play on my WiiU.

buttleMay 03, 2013

uh, Zen Pinball 2 is free to??  I just downloaded it :)

TJ SpykeMay 03, 2013

Quote from: buttle

uh, Zen Pinball 2 is free to??  I just downloaded it :)

It's "free", but you have to buy all of the pinball tables. It's "free" in the same way Xbox Live Arcade games are "free" (you can get a demo for free, but have to pay for the actual game).

ArganosMay 03, 2013

Just downloaded it and about half an hour later I got the 60 point survey. :)

Leo13May 03, 2013

Wow, seriously thanks for the heads up. I'm glad I checked your website on my Wii U before I went to bed the game's downloading right now.
I would have never downloaded that because I bought the disc back around Christmas so I had no need to download this, but for 60 coins I'll gladly do it.

broodwarsMay 03, 2013

I had to phone the friend I loaned my Wii U to to download the game, but he did so & I got the 60 coins so thanks for the heads-up. I can't wait to see the press release from Namco-Bandai about the 500% increase in "Tank! Tank! Tank!" downloads after this, because getting paid to download the game is the only way I was ever going to download it.

AVMay 03, 2013

Thanx for news .
I wonder if I can also earn some e shop points from wii u program .

mustbeburtMay 03, 2013

So, I was going to save this survey for the next Club Nintendo year (since I've already reached Platinum), but it says it expires June 1st.  That's a tight window.  Does anyone know if it's June 1 2013 or June 1 2014?

ShayminMay 03, 2013

It's 2013 - eShop games have a 1 month expiry.

(You can see the years by going to Account and Coins -> To-Do History)

KisakiProjectMay 03, 2013

I dloaded it and it says I can play for free 3 times a day.  It seems like single-player is entirely locked out behind a paywall?  Is multi-player available in the free.  I'm confused.

mustbeburtMay 03, 2013

Thanks Shaymin!  I didn't know that was the rule for eshop games.

Wow this game is garbage (played 5 minutes this morning...it was enough). First game I ever played that screwed up the controls for driving in reverse.

But 60 pts yay!

Mop it upMay 03, 2013

Some of the free channels have given coins before like Netflix, but it wasn't this much. Still, I don't think this is some glitch that will be fixed, I think it's just because Nintendo can't tie coins to DLC. Though I guess they could be working on that...

ShayminMay 04, 2013

So, uh, that may have been a glitch. There's several reports of the surveys disappearing.

smallsharkbigbiteMay 04, 2013

I never got a survey.  Which is too bad, I'm 60 points from platinum.  I have several unregistered games around. I was just hoping that I could save them to net year. 

AdrockMay 04, 2013

I'll download the game for the coins. I'm pretty close to Platinum this year.

CyrianMay 04, 2013

I never got a survey either. I think this is dead. =/

BlackNMild2k1May 05, 2013

This would have pushed me to platinum had I ever gotten the survey.....

Guess I'll have to go register some games to get there instead.

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