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Balloon Trip Nintendo Land Attraction Trailer Released

by Neal Ronaghan - September 10, 2012, 2:37 pm PDT
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It's like the sequel to Balloon Kid we never got.

Balloon Trip Breeze is one of the newly revealed Nintendo Land attractions, and Game Informer has a trailer showing it off for the very first time.

We previously reported most of what Game Informer confirmed in the trailer today from early reports from the magazine's October issue, but the new trailer shows off the game in action for the first time. The graphical style appears to of a patchwork-looking nature similar to Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Players use the GamePad's stylus to use gusts of wind to control the character through the side-scrolling action, which is very much like the Balloon Trip segment of Balloon Fight. They also can interact with other objects, such as breaking bricks, on the GamePad's touch screen, which shows a zoomed-in view of the action.

Nintendo Land is set to be a Wii U launch title. We still aren't sure of what four of the remaining attractions are, but we know they will feature: Mario, Yoshi, Pikmin, and Game & Watch.


Disco StuSeptember 10, 2012

Oh wow, that looks both really fun and potentially very challenging.  The mechanic of clearing obstacles and keeping your character afloat at the same time with the stylus looks like it could get very hard.

Fatty The HuttSeptember 10, 2012

Note to self: be sure to get GamePad screen protector with system at launch.

Quote from: Fatty_The_Hutt

Note to self: be sure to get GamePad screen protector with system at launch.


HeyItsMeSeptember 10, 2012

This has to be packed in the system. It shows off the Gamepad perfectly. Much like Wii Sports showed how the Wii Remote work. Or maybe a new announced game that is gonna be packed in the system. On another note, this game is epic. Can't wait to play it

Mop it upSeptember 10, 2012

Looks pretty good to me, it's interesting how far back Nintendo will pull ideas.

AVSeptember 10, 2012

Looks like Nintendo fell in love with Lost Winds and the art style is totally gorgeous and the gameplay looks fun and simple yet challenging. Seems like a great reboot of the original and yet fresh and fun.

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