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Gearbox Software Says Nice Things About Wii U

by Garnet Red - June 3, 2012, 1:41 pm PDT
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The developer claims that Nintendo has listened to their feedback on the upcoming console.

Aliens: Colonial Marines developer Gearbox Software continued to praise the Wii U in an interview from Nintendo Gamer's June 2012 issue. Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford and art director Brian Cozzens held off naming technical specifications, but stated their excitement for the Wii U's capabilities in no small number of positive terms.

Pitchford said the Wii U "gives us a path to realise some things that are more future-looking." His statements are supported by Cozzens' comments that "many things that exist in the Aliens' franchise actually work for [the Wii U] controller" and "the features... enable us to do things we can't do with the other consoles." Cozzens also looks forward to the final controller specifications, including "some cool stuff that we've had some influence over" based on feedback they gave to Nintendo.

Cozzens hinted at the Wii U's technical power, saying "it will be one of the best looking versions of the game."


DarthBradyJune 03, 2012

This is very nice to hear. It's well known that if developer's don't like to program for a console, it detrimentally damages that consoles ability to succeed.  Look at history: Atari 2600 was hard to program for. It had games half-baked and bad enough to crash and kill the whole market. The Jaguar was hard to program for, and it helped to kill that console. The Sega Saturn had the same problem, and thought it had some good games, it suffered as well.

Not that Nintendo has never had this problem: but for them it's not that the consoles are awkward to program for, but instead lacking in abilities of competitors consoles. I give you two examples to ponder - the N64 and the Wii.  Ever play Final Fantasy 64? No, and why is that? because the Carts (vs CD's) restricted the developer's ability to make games with all the content and video that could easily fit onto and be read off of a CD.

And the Second example being the Wii... We all know this one. The Wii lacked in performance capability and online infrastructure. And it obviously suffered for it with some of the same consequences as the N64 - like great games going to other consoles. (think about it: how many "market-dominating" or "console-selling" games that are NOT 1st party can you think of that were Wii exclusives? ...And before you go mentioning things like Monster Hunter - remember it's on Sony PSP's too thus making it non-exclusive.)

So I'll sum up my rant and say this. People will find ways to worry or gripe about Wii U. People can gripe about games being ported from 360 and PS3 to fill the Wii U's library. BUT, is this really a bad thing? I say No! The fact that developers want to develop for and aren't scared to praise Nintendo's efforts with the Wii U, is good news in terms of it's potential to succeed.  ;D

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