Block Factory Coming to eShop Thursday in North America, Europe

by Neal Ronaghan - April 23, 2012, 8:17 am PDT
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Enjoy Gaming's second eShop title lets you make your own block-dropping puzzle game.

Block Factory will be the next eShop title released in Europe and North America, according to publisher Enjoy Gaming.

The game appeared in the eShop last week under the "Coming Soon," and appeared on a press release from Nintendo of Europe about this week's downloads. We confirmed with Enjoy Gaming that Block Factory is also coming to North America this week as well.

The concept of the game is that you can create and share your own block-related puzzle games. It comes with four predefined games, but you can tweak them all to your liking. You can gather new games from QR Codes and StreetPass.

Block Factory will be €4 when it hits Europe on Thursday. The price will likely be $4 in North America (Thanks DivineAlpha!).


xcwarriorApril 23, 2012

Being a huge puzzle fan, that looks really cool. I might have to pick that up if it gets good reviews.

Ryadin91April 23, 2012

I can't tell if this is more like Tetris or more like Dr. Mario, looks neat though!

KITT 10KApril 23, 2012

It does look like they took both Tetris and Dr. Mario and combined them together and got this.

It's whatever you make it!

ejamerApril 23, 2012

I'm very curious about this title. It kind of looks like you do more tweaking of basic gameplay options than actual game creation, but Enjoy Gaming did a very good job with Pyramids on 3DS eShop.  Eager to hear some reviews and see what people say.

(That said, I typically prefer to play games that are already fully developed instead of spending time creating my own versions of existing game types... so even though I'm interested, I'm not at all sold yet.)

DivineAlphaApril 23, 2012

Block Factory is $3.99 in North America. The price was shown on the Nintendo eShop for the past couple weeks. Although Nintendo has a reputation of blanking the price on games that come out in the next Nintendo eShop update, it ends up being that original price (in all of the "Coming soon to Nintendo eShop" notices anyway).

xcwarriorApril 24, 2012

Hope you are correct Divine Alpha, if you are willing to give me a puzzle game where you create your own puzzle game, I'm probably going to bite at $4 unless someone sales its horrible.

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