Paon Announces Aqua Living for WiiWare

by Matthew Blundon - March 1, 2010, 5:38 pm PST
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Nintendo and Paon partner to bring another virtual aquarium to the WiiWare service.

My Aquarium is one of the best-selling WiiWare games to date and it’s rather surprising that other developers haven’t tried jumping on the bandwagon and releasing knock-offs of Hudson’s successful virtual aquarium program. All that’s about to change come next week as Nintendo and developer Paon have teamed up to release Aqua Living: The FIsh You Can Watch On Your TV.

Scheduled for a release in Japan on March 2, Aqua Living is a virtual aquarium simulator in which you pick an aquarium and design it, right down to the fish and its layout.

There’s also a decent amount of customization as well. Besides having a huge amount of control over your own aquarium, Aqua Living allows players to play the game from various angles. focus on particular fish, and add your Mii to your aquarium to swim around and interact with its surroundings. When using your Mii, you can even choose to feed your fish.

Aqua Living is due out this Tuesday in Japan. No word on an international release has been planned, but due to the broad appeal of the game and Nintendo’s track record with localizing its WiiWare games, it would be rather surprising if it remained a Japanese exclusive.


Hey, this sounds like a substantial improvement over My Aquarium's functionality. Sounds neat!

NinGurl69 *hugglesMarch 01, 2010

Imagine if you could talk to them and educate them via Wii Speak.

Then they grow human faces.

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