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New TrackMania Details from Gamescom

by Pedro Hernandez - August 24, 2009, 2:13 pm PDT
Total comments: 6 Source: Revogamers

Revogamers sits down with the developers of the title and discuss the series' potential on Wii.

The Spanish website Revogamers talked to the developers of TrackMania at Gamescom and discussed the upcoming Wii release of the game.

The team feels that TrackMania for Wii was a logical choice due to its accessible, arcade feel involving toy cars racing through impossible tracks, which is vastly different from the realistic racers seen on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The Wii version will feature three modes: Single race, track editor, and multiplayer. The title will feature over 200 tracks, while the track editor will feature all of the elements seen in the PC version adapted to fit the Wii's technology. The tracks will feature different track settings, ranging from snow to island. Each track will feature physics that will interact with the car's own design, creating endless potential for online racing according to the developers. They hope to accomplish online play with up to 16 players, with an eight-player minimum being possible.

One other aspect of online play is the ability to exchange tracks with other players in a manner similar to EA's Boom Blox Bash Party. The developers have mentioned that they are in talks with Nintendo in hopes to create a system that allows easy connection with other players.

TrackMania for Wii will also feature split-screen multiplayer for up to 4 players for the first time in the series, and players will be able to choose from different methods of control.


Flames_of_chaosLukasz Balicki, Staff AlumnusAugust 24, 2009

Sounds awesome! The DS version was crippled due to the fact that you cant trade tracks online, however this sounds very promising. Hopefully Atlus(they published the DS version) or another publisher picks this up for North America.

NinGurl69 *hugglesAugust 24, 2009



Does this game feature the Tracmanian Devil?

ShyGuyAugust 24, 2009

Has the K always been missing?

KDR_11kAugust 25, 2009

I assume singleplayer still includes the puzzle mode (you get some tiles and a partially built track and have to finish it in a way that lets you beat the required time in the racing that follows) that the series was originally based on?

BlackNMild2k1February 09, 2010

Looks like TrackMania is hitting stores May 17, 2010



TrackMania, the most fun-filled racing game played by millions of players worldwide, makes its big entrance in the console world with this remarkable adaptation for the Nintendo Wii™! The sensations, the unquestionable fun and the unique gameplay of this legendarycar game are intact! Using your Wiimote and your Nunchuk, your gamepad or your Wii™ Wheel, drive racing cars at incredible speeds on spectacular tracks full of ramps, loops, turbo boosts, and other crazy track-blocks. Race on more than 200 tracks divided into six drastically different environments, and numerous game modes! TrackMania on Wii also offers the incredible, essential and beloved track editor that gives the chance to create an infinite number of personal tracks! Then share your craziest creations with your friends, thanks to the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection! Of course, multiplayer modes are included: Hotseat mode, 4 players split-screen, and especially online play using Nintendo Wi-Fi connection! Compete against your friends and join online players from all around the world! Impeccable production and rich content provide TrackMania Wii with everything it needs to become the most fun-filled and complete racing game on Nintendo Wii.

3 solo modes (Race, Platform and Puzzle) and nearly 200 progressively difficult spectacular tracks.
6 environments and 6 completely different vehicles to drive and play; Desert, Rally, Island, Coast, Snow and Stadium.
An incredible 3D track editor and hundreds of available blocks to create your own tracks simply using the Wiimote.
Play in mulitplayer with up to 4 friends on the same console, or compete with players from all around the world using Nintendo Wi-Fi!
Share your craziest tracks with your friends using Nintendo Wi-Fi.
Earn Coppers by winning medals in solo or multiplayers, and unlock new tracks, blocks and skins!
Play as you want: Pad, Wiimote, Nunchuk or Wii Wheel!

Mop it upFebruary 10, 2010

Sounds pretty good. I was disappointed when I found out ExciteTruck didn't have a track editor, so I guess this could be my replacement for an "Excite" game on Wii.

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