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Google Launches News Reader for Wii

by Steven Rodriguez - May 8, 2007, 9:03 pm PDT
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See what your favorite websites have updated with from the comfort of your couch.

Google has created a Wii-specific version of their Google Reader web news aggregator, and now it's available for all to use. The Reader, which Google is calling an "inbox for the web," allows users to subscribe to the RSS or Atom webfeeds of multiple websites and have it all displayed on one page.

This is quite handy for the Wii. The Internet Channel lacks a dedicated news aggregator, and the News Channel only takes stories from the Associated Press news wire. Now that Google has given Wii owners access to a real service, it could be your one-stop shop for the news stories you want to see on your Wii. Google probably figured this out, hence the Wii version of Google Reader.

If you're looking for news sources to add to the reader, might we suggest the Nintendo World Report RSS feed?


RhoqMay 08, 2007

Excellent news. Even though, it's not a substitute for using a computer to surf the web - the Wii is just fine for casual browsing. Google's new Wii-friendly RSS content reading just adds even more functionality to the Wii Internet Channel.

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