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RareWare Developing DKR DS, Adding Features

by Evan Burchfield - May 12, 2006, 10:04 am PDT
Total comments: 5 Source: RareWare Official Website

Customizable vehicles and maps, WiFi, microphone and touch screen all promised.

RareWare's official website (http://www.rareware.com) is reporting that DKR is being developed internally, and will have a host of new features.

E3 '06 is also the debut stage for our latest collaboration with Nintendo: we've possibly hinted at it in the past, but then again we've also hinted at a lot of other things, because we're like that. Yes, Diddy Kong Racing is our first official DS project, and Nintendo are busily promoting it as part of their next wave of big DS offerings for late 2006. Based on the N64 classic but improved and expanded in ways that only the DS allows, you can see the first shot and movie snippet over on NCL's website if you haven't already.

A few tantalising DKR DS info-bites to keep you going: eight-player single-card and multi-card WiFi play, touch-screen and microphone compatibility, some familiar faces in newly playable form, remodelled and retextured tracks, customisable vehicles, new modes, weapons and challenges, a little something called TT's Wish Races where you can create your very own tracks... and it doesn't end there.

Although the statement "multi-card WiFi" appears to be a typo, online gameplay over Nintendo's WiFi connection seems extremely likely. The news of Rare developing the title comes in straight contradiction to previous assumptions that it was a straight port with no added features. The game could conceivably feature Conker and Banjo still, though that decision is probably up to Microsoft.


mantidorMay 12, 2006

I loved DKR for the N64, my favorite racer of the console.

joshnickersonMay 12, 2006

I hope those stupid ass Silver Coin Challenges are gone. Probably the one sour note in an otherwise enjoyable game.

ruby_onixMay 12, 2006


The game could conceivably feature Conker and Banjo still, though that decision is probably up to Microsoft.

Rare: Hey boss! Can we put our N64 games on the Virtual Console?

Microsoft: No.

Rare: Then can we port them to the DS?

Microsoft: Ehhhh....

Rare: How about if we start with Diddy Kong Racing? Nintendo owns it.

Microsoft: Okay, fine.

*MS sees Conker and Banjo in the game*

Microsoft: Hey! What's this!

Rare: You said it was okay. Look here, we've got your signature and everything.

18 DaysMay 12, 2006

News just in: Everyone hates PSP.

How will this game play without the joystick? Flying is pretty much going to be a non-event now.

nemo_83May 12, 2006

Wow, what a conspiracy this is turning into. First Microsoft's people are like, yeah, buy a Wii and a 360 and now this. Why didn't they just release one next gen console together, I've often wondered, now I know they did it to attack Sony from two sides at once rather than head on with one console.

Next thing you know your Wii will connect with your 360 and the revolution controller will be a control option for Halo.

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