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San Francisco Game Job Conference

by Robert Graves - May 24, 2005, 9:12 am PDT
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Want in on the business? Head on over to the Skyview Performing Arts Center on June 4...



16 Leading Game Developers and Publishers Represented


FRANCISCO, California - May 24, 2005 - The Game Initiative, a leading

producer of conferences and events for professionals in the computer and video

game industry, today announced that professionals from 16 leading game

developers and publishers will be represented at the "San Francisco Game Job

Conference and Resume Workshop" taking place June 4, 2005 at the Skyview

Performing Arts Center, located on the campus of Skyline High School 12250

Skyline Blvd., Oakland, CA 94619. Participants include game industry

professionals from Linden Lab, Electronic Arts, Sony Computer Entertainment

America, Valve Software, Trymedia Systems, Stormfront Studios, Eidos, Inc., M7

Networks, Secret Level INC., Blue Shift, Inc., Planet Moon Studios, Lee Marrs

Artwork, Mary-Margaret.com, Centerscore, Inc., Factor 5, and


The "San Francisco Game Job Conference and Resume Workshop"

is designed for artists, programmers, writers, musicians, designers and others

looking to get into the computer and video game business. Students and

professionals looking to get into the computer and video game business will

have the opportunity to speak with industry insiders, hiring managers and

participate in an engaging resume workshop.

Confirmed speakers

- Graeme Bayless, Director of Production, Eidos, Inc.
- David

Buckley, Co-Founder and CTO, M7 Networks Inc.
- Anthony Castoro, Producer,

Electronic Arts
- Mark DeLoura, Manager of Developer Relations, Sony

Computer Entertainment America
- J. Epps, Design Director, Stormfront

- Rachel Hardwick, Producer, Secret Level INC.
- Jeff King, VP of

Operations, Blue Shift, Inc.
- Jennifer Lane, Sr. Game Designer, Electronic

- Aaron Loeb, Director of Business Development, Producer, Planet Moon

- Lee Marrs, President, Lee Marrs Artwork
- Robin McShaffry,

Recruiter, Mary-Margaret.com
- Justin Min, COO, Centerscore, Inc.
- Cory

Ondrejka, Vice President of Product Development, Linden Lab
- Tamara

Rothenberg, Recruitment Specialist, Mary-Margaret.com
- Jessica Tams,

Director of Partner Development, Trymedia Systems
- Robin Walker, Game

Designer, Valve Software
- Matthias Worch, Game Designer/Technical Art

Director, Factor 5
- Jonathan Zamick, CEO founder, Unplugged


bios and event details can be found online at



comprehensive program will identify trends and requirements as well as the

qualifications and skill-sets that are in demand in the game industry. The

casual nature of this event allows attendees an unprecedented opportunity to

interact with industry veterans, ask questions, gain valuable contacts and

understand the business," said Christopher Sherman, Game Initiative Executive


Students will learn how to build an early professional road

map to a career in the game industry. Professionals looking to move into the

business from other industries will learn how their experience and transferable

skills can gain rapid entry into the game industry. The event will also provide

a great opportunity for local game companies to meet potential new talent.

Also, attendees will be able to participate in the Demo Reel Showcase, where

can bring their laptops to showcase their demo reels to industry insiders for

direct feedback and job opportunities.

Sponsors include: Second Life,

Mary-Margaret.com, GameDev.net, Program Ace, St. Edwards Univsersity and Moby


San Francisco Video Game Industry Job Conference - June 4, 2005 -


8:30am - 9:00am Registration and Networking
9:00am - 9:45am Industry Overview
10:00am - 10:45am Getting in at the Ground Floor
11:00am - 12:00pm Applying Transferable Skill Sets
12:00pm - 1:30pm Networking
1:30pm - 3:00pm Resume Workshop

The cost is $45 in advance or $60 at the door. The event takes place at

the Skyview Performing Arts Center, located on the campus of Skyline High

School - 12250 Skyline Blvd., Oakland, CA 94619. Registration is available

online at



Game Industry Conference and Resume Workshop attendees will:
* Find out what

employers are looking for now and in the future
* Learn how the game

development pipeline works
* Receive an overview of the industry and where

it's headed
* Understand the core competencies required in art, programming

and design
* Meet and network with professionals in the industry

Participate in a resume workshop designed to gain them critical interviews with

hiring managers.

About The Game Initiative

The Game Initiative is

a leading producer of conferences and events for professionals in the computer

and video game industry. The Initiative is chartered with the growth of the

industry through events, public awareness, information and supporting programs

and serves the needs of companies and people involved in producing interactive

entertainment software and hardware for video game consoles, handheld devices,

personal computers and the Internet. Game Initiative events include the Austin

Game Conference, the Mobile Game Conference, the Women's Game Conference, The

Advertising In Games Forum, The Casual Games Conference, Game Technology

Association Meetings and the How to Break into the Game Industry national

conference series. More information about The Game Initiative can be found at


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