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Japanese Nintendo Direct 11/7/2012 Live Blog

by Patrick Barnett - November 7, 2012, 3:00 am PST
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It is time to finally learn about Miiverse.

Follow along below as we live blog the events of this mornings Nintendo Direct as they occur.

3:01:08: Just beginning, showed off the familiar screen with the boxes.

3:02:01: Apparently it is the Wara Wara Plaza

3:02:21: This will be the main menu of the Wii U.

3:03:15: The GamePad's screen is more reminiscent of the Wii's UI

3:03:45: You can exchange whats on the TV and GamePad.

3:04:53: Iwata is going to do an unboxing. There is some awesome music playing.

3:05:45: He is putting on gloves to remove the system. This is priceless.

3:06:09: He said something about looking like Mario because of the white gloves.

3:06:30: He headed for the main system first, unwrapping the packaging around it.

3:07:22: GamePad was next, then the AC adapter.

3:08:08: Because he is opening the Japanese Console, there was a Dragon Quest X Wii U beta included.

3:09:41: Showed off the GamePad and console stands.

3:10:04: Talking about Wii U user accounts.

3:10:26: Up to 12 users can have an account on one system.

3:11:12: Each user will have their own play log / account activity.

3:13:46: The Nintendo Network can be accessed by other devices like phone/PC

3:15:24: He mentioned a day up update that will need to be downloaded.

3:16:52: Showed what happens when they hit home menu button for a brief second.

3:18:55: Using the TV button on the GamePad you can freely switch between the TV and game/ whatever you have on your system.

3:20:03: You can pause the game via the home menu, and use that screenshot to post on MiiVerse.

3:21:41: Can report spoilers and they become marked on Miiverse.

3:23:08: Miiverse will apparently support all games.

3:24:06: in New Super Mario Bros. U every time you die you can post to Miiverse.

3:24:29: Moving onto some Nintendo Land Miiverse compatibility.

3:24:50: While walking around the Miiverse hub, you can see posts by other Miis.

3:25:38: Onto Wii U chat.

3:26:18: He is talking to Reggie, through Wii U chat.

3:28:05: Reggie tried to speak some Japanese.

3:28:49: While video chatting you can draw on the screen, which is visible the other chatter.

3:31:46: Now some Karaoke. Seems like you can do alot of customization.

3:35:44: And that's a wrap.

3:36:08: Thanks for reading along everyone. Check back on Nintendo World Report for more coverage of the event.

3:36:32: also, they are doing some interview with the NSMBU developer.

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