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Nintendo Direct 2012.04.21 Chat and Live Blog

by Neal Ronaghan - April 20, 2012, 4:07 pm PDT
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It starts at 11 PM EST. Join us for discussion and news!

Another Nintendo Direct is happening very soon in Japan (at 11 PM EST/8 PM PST, and we're going to be covering it. Come for the live blog, and stay for the IRC chat!

Having trouble joining the chat? You can also connect with a dedicated IRC client. Server: irc.browsingtheinternet.com Channel: #nwr

7:59:07: Should start any minute now.

8:00:28: Iwata is here. It's time to go.

8:01:37: Unfortunately, I don't speak Japanese. Iwata is talking, though.

8:02:11: It's Kirby's 20th Anniversary!

8:02:32: Looks like Kirby will get the royal treatment.

8:02:45: Talking about Just Dance sales. It's working in Japan.

8:03:52: There will be Kirby Club Nintendo awards and new games. Something about Wii software, I believe.

8:05:20: Talking Pokemon Black/White 2 now. Also, Just Dance 3 is coming out in Japan as Just Dance 2. Yea, I don't care either.

8:06:47: Following up on the Kirby stuff, Kirby games will be coming in some sort of memorial form on Wii over the summer.

8:07:52: Pokemon AR game coming out on June 23. Looks kind of neat. Hope it's free or cheap.

8:09:07: New Pokedex coming out on July 14.

8:09:21: Also, that AR game is 300 yen, which is about $3.

8:10:07: So yea, looks like a new Pokedex 3D app coming out on July 14.

8:10:22: It's $15 (eep)

8:10:42: Guild 01 being talked about

8:11:26: It's a Level-5 game if you don't know. Looks totally bonkers and awesome. I don't really know what's happening, though. I just want to play it.

8:11:52: Coming out on May 31. Not sure if that's new news.

8:13:00: Guild 01 is a collection of four games from four different designers.

8:13:16: Dragon Quest Monsters 3D being shown off. Please localize...

8:13:25: May 31 for DQM3D as well

8:13:46: Etrian Odyssey IV being shown off next. Making its second appearance on Nintendo Direct

8:15:52: EOIV coming out on July 5.

8:16:08: Little Battlers, also from Level-5 is being shown off. Also July 5.

8:16:25: Taiko no Tasujin 3DS being shown off.

8:17:19: Taiko no Tasujin coming out on July 12

8:17:33: Rune Factory 4 is up next.

8:18:31: July 19 for RF4

8:18:42: Project X Zone being shown off. This looks rad.

8:19:50: This game might be the biggest cocktease of all time.

8:20:08: Finally, after a minute or two of build-up, gameplay!

8:20:50: This is a game that will live and die by nostalgia for the characters. I think it will be very successful. Love the art style.

8:21:53: It's listed for 2012

8:22:08: Talking Mario Tennis Open. Showing off character customization, I think.

8:22:46: So yea, in case you didn't hear, Miis are in Mario Tennis. Excite?

8:23:24: The Mii can wear character outfits. Actually looks kind of cool. Not quite "replacing the RPG mode" cool.

8:23:53: Culdcept being shown off.

8:25:57: Other detail about Mario Tennis Open: It has 16 characters

8:26:09: Culdcept coming out on 6/28. Has download play for co-op

8:26:26: Now, a soccer game.

8:27:32: Nintendo is starting a Culdcept Twitter, hosting a tournament in the fall, and giving away cards.

8:27:55: Culciobit, that soccer game, is a thing. Using Japanese comedy duos and soccer players to pimp it.

8:28:59: Culciobit coming out on July 12. It's a packed couple months!

8:29:13: Waiting for something big. End it on a big note. Maybe?

8:29:23: Folders.

8:29:37: Folders is the big new addition for this. I guess that's megaton.

8:30:22: New firmware soon adding folder functionality. Can hold up to 60 things each.

8:31:24: Hearing next week for the firmware update.

8:31:49: Mario Kart 7 patch?

8:32:48: Mario Kart 7 getting a patch to fix shortcut bugs. Also, KHearts 3D and Love Plus are getting patches.

8:34:47: Kid Icarus soundtrack on Club Nintendo (I'm pretty sure).

8:35:15: Kid Icarus getting a patch, too.

8:35:58: Marth DLC for Fire Emblem coming out on May 31

8:36:37: All sorts of Fire Emblem DLC

8:37:44: Guest artists making characters from past games. Coming out on 4/26.

8:38:37: Oh man! Animal Crossing!

8:38:55: I guess Next Level Games is having trouble with Luigi's Mansion 2....

8:39:03: Animal Crossing set for 2012. No set range.

8:39:55: Side-scrolling Mario? New Super Mario Bros. 2 coming in August

8:40:31: Iwata with the bomb.

8:40:39: Also, Animal Crossing is set for fall.

8:44:24: We're done here. Check the site for updates. Nintendo of America's Twitter should give us some North American confirmation. See you for Europe's in the AM!


NinSageApril 20, 2012

I'll be there!!

... probably.

achilleswillApril 21, 2012

I like the idea of Mii character customization in Mario tennis open tho i kinda wish that some of these outfits could move over to ur mii on streetpass mii plaza

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